DGVTour is a series of tournaments in which players receive points based on their performance at each event. At the end of the season the top finishers in each division will earn a payout based on the total points earned.

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DGVTour Charter

  • Points will be awarded to players based on their finishing place for each event.
  • Players must be DGVT members to earn points.
  • A player who becomes a member before competing in a DGVTour event, will be credited with points from the two previous events they competed in during that year.
  • Players will receive points based on the number of players in the division they are competing in.
  • The system is based on NEFA's point system of 0-73. A player with only one player/division, will awarded 73 points. A player also gets 3 points for every player they beat or tie ( with a maximum of 27 points). There is also a 1st place bonus given to division winners of .2 per player beat. Example: 10 player division. Winner gets ( 73+27+1.8)= 101.8 points.
  • A players total points for the season will be based on their best 6 finishes in the DGVTour.
    DNF ( Did Not Finish): Players who start an event and make at least one competitive throw but do not finish the event will be credited with participation towards the minimum number of events played, but will receive 0 points.


  • In order to qualify for season ending DGVTour payouts and trophies a player must compete in a minimum of 6 separate events in the same division. 
  • Season ending payouts for the DGVTour will be calculated based on the percentage of qualified players in that division to total number of qualified players in all divisions.
  • Registration for each DGVTour event will open at least 3 weeks prior to the event on https://discgolfscene.com/
  • Each event will have a $1/per player acepot included in all players registration costs. If an ace is not awarded the acepot will rollover to the next DGVTour event.
  • Each event $2 per player will go to the Vermont EDGE program

  • Pro divisions will be paid out via paypal within 48 hours of completion of the event.

  • Amateur divisions will be paid in merchandise at all DGVTour events.

  • PDGA payout guidelines will be used at all DGVTour events.


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