Trip to Emporia

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Trip to Emporia

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Tue May 09, 2017 11:56 pm

(caveat: not much of a point to this thread other than sharing the high from an epic DG trip)

I just got back last night from a trip to Emporia, played as much as I could there, in addition also started the trip by flying into Austin, playing there and road tripped up to KS. Dynamic Discs doing amazing things in Emporia, and they are showing no signs of stopping. In addition to the courses we've seen in Emporia (Jones East, Peter Pan, and the killer Eagle DGC), there are many other high caliber courses they have built in the surrounding area to grow the sport and draw in enthusiasts. I kicked off the trip playing 36 at Zach's course (sorry Zach, can't find on DGCR) in southern VT, then headed out to TX. All told, ended up playing 15 rounds (270 holes) in 10 days, lost quite a few discs, gave up a lot of strokes, and had the time of my life with 7 buddies from around the country.

Learned a hell of a lot about my game (or lack thereof) on the trip, looking forward to improving and doing more DG adventures like this in the future. The courses we played in OK (The Lodge, 2 courses) are on private land, allow camping and coolest of all, the home of Avery Jenkins and his family. Got to spend a while shooting the breeze with him, which was awesome. Super nice guy that seemed genuinely happy to talk to a chump disc golfer like myself.

Courses played:
Zilker Park:
Circle C:
North town:
Lewisville: (recently rebuilt after flood damage by Dynamic Discs)
The Lodge - Moccassin Creek:
The Lodge - Island Course:
Kanza: (this course is BRAND NEW and FANTASTIC)
Jones Park - East:
Jones Park - West:
Peter Pan:
Swope Park (Cottonwood Falls):
Eagle DGC:

Now I need to go write reviews for all these courses ...

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