DGVT Backyard Putting League #4

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DGVT Backyard Putting League #4

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Tue Apr 14, 2020 9:50 am

Friday, April 17th
$3. 1 Division. 4 stations ( 15 ft,20 ft, 25 ft, 30 ft). 10 putts per station.
Tee Times ( Once you are signed up I will reach out via FB and schedule a tee time. If your not on FB thats ok, we can text or email if needed). Tee times will be first come first serve, so if you want a particular time then get signed up as quick as possible. After each station you will come to the camera and tell me how many putts you made and I will record your score and keep track for you. I will have a Leaderboard that will track scores throughout the day,just click on the meeting link at any time to check the Leaderboard,watch some putting or chat.

Prizes to the Top 3 ( Keeping entry fee low and prizes on the smaller side but there will certainly be some fun stuff in the mix). Also note that I will not be shipping prizes. I will mark all the prizes with the winners name and they can be picked up at our first DGVT event of the season.

PERFECT ROUND BOUNTY: Make all 40 putts and receive $50!

There is an option for the person putting to mute the "gallery" if you don't want to be distracted, but I will say part of the fun last week was some light hearted heckling (which I know we all miss!).

This is a fun way for us to compete and connect while staying at home. Be mindful that this is for fun and so make sure that if you are signing up that is your main goal.

Here is what you need to participate...

1. A backyard ( must be at home and alone for this league)
2. A basket ( portables are ok)
3. A device in which you can use Zoom, which is the platform we will be using so that we can go live. I need to be able to hear you and see you on Zoom so you will want to get setup ahead of time so that your device is ready to go live. I will be the Zoom host and so you do not need Zoom you just need to click the link I will eventually send you and your device needs a camera and mic function.
4. Setup 4 stations clearly marked with a mini,pin flag,etc. From the center pole of the basket you will setup station #1 at 15 ft, station #2 at 20 ft, station #3 at 25 ft and station #4 at 30ft.

Station #1(15 ft)= 1 point per made putt
Station #2(20 ft)= 2 points per made putt
Station #3(25 ft)= 3 points per made putt
Station #4(30 ft)= 4 points per made putt

Once we are both live and ready to go, you will go to station #1 and take your 10 putts. After you take your putts, you will then come confirm with me at the camera how many putts you made. I will record your score and you will go take your 10 putts at station #2. We will follow this procedure at all 4 stations. At the end we will confirm your score and I will add the score to our Leaderboard.

Register by sending $3 via paypal to.... info@discgolfvermont.com. I will be tracking closely and will get in touch via FB once I see PP come through.
Registration will end Saturday,April 11th or when all the tee times are full.
This week we have a 25 player max. 5 players per tee time.
Tee Times will be:


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